Opinion: If Colorado ties the knot with ADU zoning, the real work lies ahead – The Denver Post

Like any good love story, ADU tales have characters we cheer for when they find their housing match: A financially challenged friend, back in college, living in their dad’s backyard studio; a divorcing elected official who landed softly in a historic carriage house; the doubled-up Latino family able to move their adult daughter and grandchild […]

Dunn County Debates ADU Zoning Changes to Tackle Housing Crisis – BNN Breaking

MENOMONIE, WI – The Dunn County Planning, Resources and Development Committee is gearing up for a pivotal public hearing on March 20 regarding significant changes to the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) zoning ordinance. This move seeks to address the pressing need for more affordable housing options and to encourage sustainable development within the county. Advertisment […]

Zoning Certificate – City of Boise

Zoning Certificate applications are reviewed administratively by the Planning Team for compliance with the Zoning Code. Typical proposals include allowed uses with specific standards such as cottage villages, trade schools, neighborhood cafes, storage uses, and more. Zoning Certificates are also required for certain demolition projects and any other type 2 project that is not assigned […]